The Institute has a small programming team of mentors, programmers and programming apprentices who develop software. The primary intent is to make novice programmers competent by implementing real-world programming tasks. As a by-product, the team creates the software for educational initiatives, NGOs and commercial customers.

What software do we develop?

Our team is primarily focused on the implementation of small information systems, web presentations or software prototypes that are related to innovations in education. Secondarily, the team can perform minor programming work related to other areas of interest. There are no limitations on technology and programming language, as this gives apprentices a more diverse experience and supports their ability to deal with new challenges.

What else can the Institute provide as additional value to programming activities?

Given the purpose of this project to make novice programmers competent, the Institute does not prevent more experienced programmers of the Institute to move temporarily or permanently to other software development teams.

The Institute has been involved in the support of alternatives or innovative approaches in education, so it can provide consultations and expert activities in this area. In addition, it can support educational projects through its social networks.

How are we paid?

We transparently communicate our expenses and let the client to decide about our profit. The client pays these expenses:

  • Programmer with senior competencies: 15 – 25 Euro net per hour
  • Programmer with junior competencies: 10 – 15 Euro net per hour
  • Programming apprentice: 0 – 10 Euro net per hour
  • Administrative tasks

The reward for the Institute as an organization is retroactive and proportionate to the overall benefit that the Institute will provide to the customer. The actual amount is determined by the customer. The institute prefers to cooperate commercially with those partners with whom the flow of money works spontaneously to mutual benefit.

How do we train software developers?

Methodology is described in the project Supporting beginning software developers.

How to begin?

Write to (in English) and check our current capacity. We can agree on the creation of a small standalone project (for example, a website) or, if the client already has a running project, we can integrate into it directly through tools for coordinating programmers (trello, version control, teleconferencing software,…). In the case of apprentices, it is advisable to choose assignments so that it does not matter if the programmer is not able to step into the project with good productivity (although we only assign already proven apprentices or programmers to develop software for external clients). We can coordinate apprentices for some time in the context of your project, or in the case of the more competent ones, it is possible to transfer the person directly to the client’s team.

Would you like to cooperate with us?

  Write us at