Children and technologies

What effect does the treatment of technology have on the healthy development of children? How do children perceive screens? What is going on in them? How to prepare children for an increasingly digital world? How many hours a week should they spend with the screen? How to explain to children that it is time to turn off the computer? How does dependence on technology change our society and ourselves? Why are children attracted to technology from an early age? What can be done to ensure that screens do not lose a human view of the world? How can parents cope with the continued use of technology during puberty? Will children not get lost in various networks, whose nooks and dangers we have only vague suspicions about?

How to live healthily and safely in the digital world? How to observe your own children playing in cyberspace with peace and confidence? If we can manage the challenges the kids will manage it as well. 

Meetings usually last 2 to 3 hours and any space is suitable for it. Neither beamer nor Internet  are required. The seminar can have up to three sessions to discuss the topic in several aspects. The seminar is suitable for libraries, schools, maternity centers, clubs, parent groups or any place where people have an interest in what is happening in today’s world and with children. The fee for the meeting is dependent on the length of the meeting and depends on the current financial situation of all participants.

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